Florida Reef Resilience Program


"Planning for Resilience"

Conference Schedule & Links to presentations

DAY 1 - Tuesday October 18, 2011


Welcome, Workshop Objectives, Introductions, and Review of Agenda: James Byrne, The Nature Conservancy


Keynote speaker on Planning for Resilience: Dr. Peter Mumby, University of Queensland.


Overviews of Florida Reef System, Florida Reef Resilience Program(FRRP), Climate Change Action Plan

·         Brief introduction to Florida Reef System eco, socio, and management : Chantal Collier, Florida DEP Coral Reef Conservation Program

·         Introduction to FRRP, review 1st Reef Resilience Conference: Chris Bergh, The Nature Conservancy

·         Overview of Climate Change Action Plan for Florida Coral Reef System: 2010-2015 : Chris Bergh, The Nature Conservancy


10.10-10.30am - BREAK

10.30am - 12.30pm

Florida Reef Resilience Science Updates

·            Introduction: James Byrne, The Nature Conservancy

·            Florida Coral Reef Evaluation and Monitoring Projects: Rob Ruzicka, Florida Fish & Wildlife Research Institute

·            Severe 2010 Cold-Water Event Caused Unprecedented Mortality to Corals of the Florida Reef Tract: Diego Lirman, University of Miami

·            The Florida Reef System’s Coral Bleaching Response Plan: Meaghan Johnson, The Nature Conservancy

·            Uses and Economic Value of Reefs in South Florida: Grace Johns, Hazen and Sawyer

·            Stakeholder Views and Preferred Management Alternatives Concerning the Southeast Florida Coral Reef Ecosystem: Manoj Shivlani, Marine and Coastal Research, Corp.

·            Developing new Global High-Resolution Coral Bleaching Tools from Satellite Data: Mark Eakin, NOAA Coral Reef Watch

·            High-Resolution Satellite Tools for Florida: Warm Water Bleaching and Cold Stress Indices: Gerardo Toro-Farmer, University of South Florida

·            Stimulating Coral Restoration: Active Management In Florida and the USVI: Caitlin Lustic, The Nature Conservancy

12.30-2.00pm - Lunch on own at hotel or surrounding restaurants


Introduction to Reef Resilience Planning workshop: James Byrne, The Nature Conservancy


Reef Resilience Planning example

Managing the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in a Changing Climate: Dr. David Wachenfeld, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority


Introduction to Exercise/Breakout groups

Exercise and guidelines

2.40-3.00pm - BREAK


Breakout Session

Focused on general needs for Reef Resilience Planning, for example, data types, mapping, stakeholder engagement approaches. 


Report out from Breakout Session & Closing Day’s Remarks

5.00-6.00pm - BREAK


Media Panel with Coral Reef Experts

 Journalists from the Society of Environmental Journalists interview a panel of coral reef experts on reef resilience-related topics.

Facilitated by Jeff Burnside, NBC Miami


 Coral Reef Expert Panelists:

Billy Causey, NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries; David Wachenfeld, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority; Chris Bergh, The Nature Conservancy; Rob Van Woesik, Florida Institute of Technology; Peter Mumby, University of Queensland; Eileen Sobeck, U.S. Department of the Interior; Paige Rothenberger, U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources; Jim Bohnsack, NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service.


Catalina Arévalo, Environmental Journalist, EFE Spain; Curtis Morgan, Environmental Reporter, Miami Herald; Angela Posada-Swafford, U.S. Senior Science Correspondent, Muy Interesante Magazine – Spain; Joe Treaster,  John S. and James L. Knight Chair in Cross-Cultural Communication, University of Miami School of Communication 


Hotel Evening Reception & Southeast Florida Underwater Photography Contest Award Ceremony

Oceanview Terrace, Marriott Harbor Beach Hotel, Fort Lauderdale

DAY 2 -Wednesday October 19, 2011


 Welcome, Recap day 1 and Review Agenda for Day 2: James  Byrne, The Nature Conservancy


Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning (CMSP) for Coral Reef  Ecosystems

·      Place Matters - Why CMSP Makes Sense for Coral Reef Areas and Key Information Needs : Charlie Wahle, NOAA CMSP Program

·      CMSP in St. Kitts & Nevis: Graeme Browne, St. Kitts and Nevis Ministry of Sustainable Development

·      Spatial planning in U.S. National Parks with Coral Reef Resources: Sherri Fields, National Park Service

·      Use of CMSP as a Management Tool in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary: Billy Causey, NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries

·      Spatial Planning for Florida’s Reefs - Port Everglades Anchorage Area: Chantal Collier, Florida DEP Coral Reef Conservation Program 


Voices of the Reef

Reef User perspectives on spatial planning to date plus hopes for CMSP.

 Representatives from the recreational fishing, commercial fishing and diving industry:

·      South Florida Recreational fishing industry :Tom Twyford, President, West Palm Beach Fishing Club

·      South Florida Diving Industry: Mike Beach, Captain, R.J. Diving Ventures, Inc.

·      International  Commercial Fishing industry rep : Neil Green , Queensland Seafood Industry Association, Australia 

10.40m-11.00am - BREAK


Breakout Session

Focused on identification of key information needs and gaps for CMSP in coral reef ecosystems.


Report out from Breakout Session & Closing Remarks

12.45-2.00pm - Lunch on own at hotel or surrounding restaurants


Benthic Working Group  (Invitation only) 

·         Analysis by Rob Van Woesik’s Lab

·         Review Spatial Framework

·         FRRP Disturbance Response Plan


International Reef Resilience Practitioners Workshop

Part 1: Reef Resilience Approaches around the Caribbean and Beyond: Caribbean reef/resource managers provide brief updates about how they have applied information from past reef resilience trainings, workshops, and learning exchanges at their country and/or site level.  10-minute presentations including Q&A from:

·         Kemit Amon-Lewis, U.S. Virgin Islands

·         Tim Austin and Croy McCoy, Cayman Islands

·         Steven Johnson, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

·         Ramon de Leon, Bonaire

·         Loureene Jones-Smith, Jamaica

·         Ruben Torres, Dominican Republic


Short Break : 3.30-3.45pm


Part 2: Ask the Experts: Subject matter experts introduce their topics, answer questions solicited from the audience before the workshop via email and then answer new questions from the audience.  20-minute presentations including Q&A on :

·         Adapting coral reef management to climate change: David Wachenfeld, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

·         Climate change action planning: Alex Score, EcoAdapt

·         Reef restoration and coral nurseries: Kemit-Amon Lewis, The Nature Conservancy. Danny Green, The Nature Conservancy, Ken Nedimyer, Coral Restoration Foundation

·         Remote sensing/Earth observing systems/Climate change impacts: Mark Eakin, NOAA



Thursday October 20, 2011

Optional field trips



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